Need to blow off stress? Need a new and fun way to exercise?  Or maybe just kick some booty on skates? . While size and shape do not matter, you do need to be 18 years old or older.

We accept woman of all skill levels however it is in your best intrest to go to as many open skating sessions as possible.

We practice hard. What we ask for is your time and your total dedication. We need YOU.





Remember this is a full contact sport so, all skaters are required to have and use the following equipment:


-Elbow Pads

-Wrist Guards

-Knee Pads

-Mouth Guard

-Quad Skate


While the equipment costs varies we do require dues which are 40$ a month. This pays for our rental space. There is also a once a year of 45$ for USARS (http://usarollersports.org/) insurance.